Coding classes include a planned program, exercises and code-related projects that teach programming languages and concepts. They can be offered for free or part of a paid learning program such as a bootcamp or online degree. Some programming classes for free are self-paced, backed by advertisements, while others have a set schedule and require regular assignments.

Codecademy’s free membership for beginners allows you to take a range of programming classes. The Java programming course is an introduction to the versatile language that is used in Android mobile apps and software development. The course covers introductory topics such as object-oriented programing and Java project creation.

Another source for those who are new to the field is Tutorial Republic, which offers many free resources that include step-by-step guides and interactive tools to help you master the basics. Tutorial Republic’s tutorials cover topics such as HTML, CSS, and SQL, and its tools include an HTML Editor as well as a SQL Playground which let you practice your skills.

There are also free coding courses that are focused on specific programming languages, like Java or Python. Google’s free coding course, for instance, isn’t the most visually stunning teaching tool, but it is an excellent resource for those looking to learn a new language. The course teaches you how computers function, computer programming terminology and how to write programs that take inputs from users, then computes the result, and displays output to them. The class runs for around seven weeks, and you will be awarded a certificate if you finish all assignments and the final project.