A good board meeting is a vital element of good governance. It provides for deliberate discussion and decision making that can help move your business forward. The meeting may involve discussing goals for the future or discussing program www.boardroomhub.info/tips-for-running-a-smooth-and-effective-board-meeting/ success and challenges, or addressing important legal matters it is crucial to have a thorough and dynamic discussion. Board meetings that are efficient and effective are well-planned and include prompt distribution of materials along with a comprehensive and informative agenda, and a clear explanation of the procedure for making decisions.

1. Make sure that the agenda for the meeting is sent to all participants prior to the meeting and is easily accessible.

It is impossible to hold a successful board meeting if participants are scrambling for critical materials while they are discussing the agenda, or worse still if the materials are not made available prior to the meeting. This is avoided by disseminating all agenda materials and other materials at least 3-4 days prior to the meeting.

2. Start the meeting according to the time.

Board members are most energized when they are ready for the meeting, therefore it is imperative to ensure that the board meeting is held on time. You can do this by ensuring that all relevant materials are included in the agenda, and by limiting discussion topics to only the most important for the meeting. It might be beneficial to hold the meeting at another location, such as a program site or a breakfast gathering. This will create a new environment and stimulate new ideas.