It doesn’t matter if your company uses it to fill orders, meet payroll or for any other business, your data could be harmful to individuals if it gets into the wrong hands. Keeping personal information safe is not just good for your reputation and your business, it also shields you from costly lawsuits and other business losses.

Start by examining all the information that your company has and how it’s shared. Keep only the information you require for your company in a secure area. Make sure your employees have only the information they require to do their jobs and consider encryption of sensitive data when it moves back and back and forth between the database as well as their mobile devices or computers.

Create a plan for responding to security incidents, and train your employees in the process of responding to security incidents. Be aware of the latest threats and use equipment or software to prevent hackers from stealing your personal information or utilizing it in a malicious manner.

Encourage your employees to back up their data frequently, and to store backups off-site. It’s a good idea to make use of cloud storage solutions that allow multi-user access and to create backups in a way that they can be restored at the exact point in time.

Encourage your employees to not save information on their personal computers, tablets, or mobile phones, and dissuade them from sharing logins for cloud storage services with other employees. Also, think about the implementation of a system to ensure that employees who leave your company, or transfer to different departments complete the deletion of all personal information on their computers and devices.