Board Candidates

When choosing board members, schools are often looking for candidates who can connect with district voters and present a higher-level vision for the school that can help them achieve their goals. They also seek people with relevant work experiences in law, business and insurance/managed-care, education medicine, finance/banking/real estate marketing information technology, as well as real estate.

Candidates for the board can be nominated either by an appointment committee or from the floor at open nominations. The committee that is nominating them should interview candidates to determine if they are a good fit for the board and if they have the necessary skills and qualifications. The committee should also take into account the diversity of the candidate and their dedication to the goals of the organization.

The nomination process should include a discussion on expectations for board members, including their financial contribution as well as participation in fundraising. professional guidance regarding the governance of the school. This should be documented via the form of a letter asked of new members.

During an election, it is crucial to allow write-ins for candidates who did not get nominated. This will allow for more accurate representation of voter preferences and avoids the Ballot Order Effect, where voters tend to support candidates at the top of the list. In addition, it is helpful to allow for an “Abstain” option on the ballot to avoid voting for a candidate that isn’t in line with the school’s ideals.