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Whether you’re an in-person or remote worker, effective communication is crucial to your success. Meetings online can be difficult to organize, but following the suggestions in this article can help organize more effective meetings.

Engage the attendees throughout the meeting. Begin the meeting by introducing an introduction to the group. For instance invite people to share their best moments from the week or share a story they found humorous. This helps create a positive environment and gives attendees a focus before focusing on the agenda.

At the start of the meeting, choose an individual to take notes. It’s easy for participants to overlook crucial points when meeting remotely, and having a dedicated person to record the conversation can help to avoid miscommunication. Encourage everyone to record notes so they can review and apply the knowledge later.

In a virtual setting, it can be difficult to not interrupt or talking at the same time as a person. To avoid this make it easier for people to turn the tables by encouraging the use of “raise your hand” in your virtual meeting software.

Close your meeting with clear actions. This helps ensure that your team stays focused on the goals and decisions you make during your meetings. It’s also an excellent idea for meeting organizers to provide a comprehensive summary of the outcomes of the meeting and actions items, ideally within just a few hours after the meeting’s conclusion. This can be accomplished via an online document shared with the group or by sending an email via your meeting software.