A great board member is a committed volunteer who understands their role as an advocate for the association, the business and its mission. They are not afraid to ask difficult questions and discuss their expertise with other board members and take on leadership roles within committees. They also seek opportunities to improve their governance skills and acquire new skills through seminars and leadership classes.

A well-informed board member appreciates the time commitment required for board work. They make sure to attend all board meetings and committees. They are actively involved in their committees and they provide feedback and support as needed. They also search for ways to improve the efficiency of the board by utilizing tools such as scheduling software or platforms that allow the sharing of documents boardroomparty.com with ease and organization.

The ability to exercise good judgement is the primary characteristic of a great member of a board. They don’t let petty issues distract a board’s meeting or distract from the organisation’s mission. They are able to see the bigger picture and offer an outside perspective that is critical to making decisions. They also have a good understanding of the entire industry, which impacts strategy options, M&A opportunities, hiring and firing and fundraising, legal issues and design decisions for organizational structures. A sound judgment requires a certain amount of wisdom that has been cultivated through experience in challenging situations, and from learning from failures, and intuition. Board members lacking this skill could do your business a disservice.