A board room is a space that allows your team to meet and discuss important matters that affect the success of your business. It is a place where decisions are made and it is vital that it is well-appointed and professionally designed.

According to Gensler’s research experts only use 34% of their work time working on individual tasks. The remainder of their time is spent in meetings. These meetings may include all-hands, department/team, and project meetings as well for one-on-one sessions. These meetings are essential for collaboration and decision making. While a boardroom is the ideal location for larger group meetings smaller gatherings could be held anywhere in your office. In most situations, all you require for a team meeting is two conference tables and chairs.

Your boardroom needs to be flexible and offer a variety of seating configurations to ensure the most efficient meeting results. The seating configuration you choose is vital and should be determined by the subject matter of discussion and the audience. For instance, a theatre layout can convey gravitas and make an audience feel more connected to the content. A classroom layout can board management application system also be utilized to train and educate audiences.

Another thing to think about is your AV requirements. A modern boardroom should be equipped with video conferencing technology that will facilitate face-to-face meetings and also digital whiteboards and display screens. LED video walls are becoming popular because they are smaller and lighter than traditional projectors or monitors, while still delivering the same high-quality image.